Kina Grannis’ laughs, mishaps and sentiments at her “Elements” Album Release Show: A video compilation

Kina Grannis (w/ Imaginary Future)
“Elements” Album Release Show
The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Relive the experience with me!

Here is my little video compilation, complete with all of her commentary, laughing, sappy, awkward moments and charming mishaps on the night of her “Elements” album release show last Tuesday.

I admit I have not always been a long-time follower of her music, though seeing and witnessing Kina’s growth throughout the past couple of years has been humbling. With growth and age, her music has changed and her writing has become more honest.

She recounts:

“I’ve lived a lot of life since [her last album]. I’ve grown a lot, a lot of really amazing things and a lot of really really sad things have happened since the last album. And so making this one, I kind of allowed myself to go places that were scarier, that I wouldn’t go in the past. And I just wanted to be as honest I could as scary as that is for me. And so I’m really just excited that it’s out and you guys get to hear it. And I hope that you find something that you connect with.”

With many family, friends, managers, artists and fans alike in the audience, Grannis laughed, teared up, knocked her mic-stand and silently tuned her guitar as everyone could feel the immense amount of gratitude that was seeping out of the girl.

“It’s incredible that I get to do what I love, and it is entirely because of you. I don’t know if you understand that but, it’s just because you decided like, ‘I will keep listening to this girl and maybe I’ll buy a song.’ Like, it’s you. And so I want to thank you guys so much for everything you do.”

The feel of her album and genuineness of sound is truly something special. Catching glimpses of her throughout the night getting lost in song and smiling blissfully off into the distance, I could really feel that she loves what she does. And whenever she is able to play music, she seems so blissful. She’s at bliss.

With soft, acoustic-driven songs and anthems on her album like “Dear River,” “The Fire,” “Oh Father” and “Throw It Away,” Grannis creates an album with an aroma of whispering woods, lullaby-like melodies and breathy wistfulness. Her softer songs pack a lot of emotion and depth, just as “Little Worrier” rides along a current of nostalgia, and her crooning vocals over “Forever Blue” pulls you into a well of familiar sadness and emotion.

Though there were long moments of Kina having to re-tune her guitar and set-up for the next song, the patience of the audience and the calm emitting from Kina herself made the delays ever-more genuine and bother-less. Kina was just doing what she does best–playing her music and crooning her heart out for the audience to see and witness themselves.

It was quite an honest and beautiful space to be in. I’ve newfound respect for the girl–for all her hard work and work ethic over the years. The pursuit of any humbled musician is admirable, and I’m glad to see that her work and sound is not only gaining new listeners, but also resonating within its listeners for its amount of depth and feeling.

Keep following your bliss, Kina!

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